5 Ways to Break In a Brand New Pair of Shoes

women with new shoes

These easy tricks will make them as comfy as slippers!

1. Do it slowly: Take them to work, slip them on while sitting at your desk for an hour or so. If they're super-tight, walk around in them wearing slightly damp socks. Might sound strange, but the moisture will soften and stretch them out.

2. Roughen them up: Use a small piece of sandpaper to scuff up the bottom of the shoe. This will help prevent slipperiness on certain surfaces.

3. If they pinch: Place some moleskin on the areas of the feet where the shoes are pinching. Then soak your feet, to help expand the moleskin. Put the shoes back on and wear them as often as possible.

4. Bend, and stretch: To loosen the shoes, bend them upwards and downwards (if the shoe permits) a few times. Then, use a hair dryer to heat-blast for two to three minutes and repeat.

5. To avoid blisters: Spray your feet with a deodorant. It sticks to your feet and stops shoes from rubbing against your skin and forming blisters.

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