Six Steps to Choose Haircut

a girl taking haircut

Lipstick smudges, mascara runs, clothes crease and nail polish chips, but a spectacular haircut won't let you down. It won't just look perfect when you walk out of the salon — it will be easy to style yourself each day. Here's how to ensure a fab cut with every salon visit. 

A spectacular cut is your stealth bomber: effective, reliable, weather-prof and as maddeningly evasive. Follow these steps to nail it with military precision. 

1. Identify your target

What sort of haircut do you want, and will it suit you? 

2. Do a research

Book a one-on-one consultation with a stylist to discuss your ideas. Ask about hair texture and the time you'd need to maintain the style. To gauge the general trend of the salon, observe other stylists and clients as they leave. 

3. Dry-run it first

See if you feel at ease with the stylist. It's okay not to go through with the cut if you don't like the vibe. 

4.Gather intelligence

Checks magazines for hair trends and taking the pics along — stylists are visual people. Also mention facial features you're insecure about and where you prefer your parting. 

5.Collateral damage?

Have a discussion about how much heat styling and product the cut will need. Make a note of the products and in-salon treatments recommended, then assess what your budget allows. 

Don't feel under pressure to buy the recommended products, which can double the bill for your cut. And if you see your stylist making extra snips you didn't ask for, rather speak out than wait till the end when the damage is done. 

6. Follow-up strategy

A trim every six to eight weeks will maintain your cut and the health of your hair. Even if you want to grow out a cut, regular trims are essential. This way you're guiding your hair into a new shape while avoiding that awkward stage.

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