Make Your Bedroom Brighter

picture of comfortable bedroom

You can't help but feel happy when you wake up in a room that's light, colourful and airy. And according to our design pros, giving your space that sunny, upbeat quality requires just a few decorating tricks. 

Give Your Bed I Punches Of Colour 

Bold pillows and throws are vital. Add just a few in the same shade, and place them against a white comforter. They'll spring off the solid backdrop. 

Faux Glow 

Switch to full-spectrum lightbulbs. They're specially designed to make lighting look natural. Screw them in and your private area becomes sunshiny. 

Buy Sheer Shades 

Heavy drapes can make your room feel, well, heavy. Instead, try curtains made of a gauzy fabric. When your window is open, they'll flutter, adding a breezy vibe to your pad. 

Don’t Overdo The Walls 

Too many pictures can be overwhelming. Another option: pick up small blank canvases and paint them different tinges - either a solid shade or add splatters. 

Ditch the Rug 

In the winter, a plush rug makes your bedroom feel cozy. But come spring, roll it up and stick it in a cupboard. Bare floors give the illusion of more open space. 

Nix Visual Noise 

It's important to declutter. Keep things that are personal and pretty by your bed - flowers, books, framed photos - and stash the stuff that tends to pile up.

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