Ways to Get an Instant Mood Boost

beautiful women smiling bright

Accessories Yourself Happy

There's something about glitter, colour and sparkle that makes you feel all giddy. So next times you feel, well, blab, reach for your bling — and the brighter the better. Trust it, a little bit of pink can lift you out of even the drabbest slump. 

Share a Dessert

Sometimes, all it takes is your best friend, two spoons and a big old glass of Eton Mess to shake the blues. Strawberries, meringue and cream somehow put life's little dramas into perspective. Add chocolate sauce and its game over for your troubles. 

Take Control

Let's face it; crap hair is an instant buzz kill. Wage war against your frizzy, unruly mane by treating yourself to a permanent smoothing treatment. And use the extra time you'd normally spend taming your tresses to take charge of your life and tackle that task you've been putting off for months. Instant clarity, guaranteed.

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